Maple Works Designs Proudly Sells Ryver Epoxy

Designed by woodworkers!
With a new formula, this high quality epoxy designed for mass casting. Ideal for river tables, charcuterie boards, and other artistic projects . R-Epoxy is now UV resistant! It's all we have been using in the Maple Works Designs work shop for over a year and am happy to report it works out every time!
Now available!
R-Cast is perfect to create river tables, and thick charcuterie boards. Clear and bubble-free formula. With its exceptional transparency, RC2 is specially designed to obtain transparent tables.
R=Fast is a fast cure casting epoxy, designed for smaller projects. Ideal for charcuterie boards, serving trays and more. New anti-yellowing UV formulation
R-Epoxy  for top coats. Solvent-free and odorless, it offers maximum protection for your projects. Easy to apply. The perfect epoxy for inlays.